Cultivating Sustainability in Foster Homes

The foster care crisis


of foster parents quit after their first year

There's already not enough homes for children in care. With the drop out rate so high, it becomes near impossible to recruit enough families.


of kids in foster care experience more than two placements

Each time a child is moved, more trauma and instability enters their life. There is an increase in behavior issues, education delays, and declines in metal well-being for children moved multiple times.


children in foster care in the Austin area

When CPS removes a child from their parents or guardian, and there is no safe home for them to go to, they usually spend the night in either a shelter or at a CPS office.

We Help Families

If we can create an environment where foster parents have the support they need to keep their homes open for one year, two, or more, the impact on children is exponential.


By providing material resources, encouraging connections, and a support network, we are able to give foster parents what they need to be stable, enduring homes for kids from hard places.

Foster parent turn over is high. Most don't continue after their first placements. Why? Isolation and lack of support.

-- Haillie Graves