"Tell your children 'you are precious, you are valuable, and nobody else is created like you.'"
-- Dr. Karyn Purvis

Foster Family Resources

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Need help finding a provider?



Once you select a provider, you will need to call Superior and change the primary care physician to your chosen doctor.

Many times in foster care, there is a gap between when a child enters your care and when you receive their Medicaid card. Their Medicaid number should be on the top of the Medical Consenter Paperwork. Be sure to bring this to your first appointment. If you have an infant placed in your care they may not have a Medicaid number assigned to them yet. If this is the case, call your selected primary care physician and let them know before you make your appointment that you do not have the medicaid card but that you have placement paperwork showing that the child is in the state’s care. Once the Medicaid number is assigned the start date of coverage should begin at the time of placement.


Did you know that there is also help with transportation to medical visits? They also may offer a gas reimbursement. Call the Medical Transportation Program at 1-877-633-8747



Helpful Numbers:

Texas STAR Program Helpline 1-800-964-2777

24-Hour Nurse Advice Line 1-800-783-5386

Medical Transportation 1-877-633-8747

Eye Care (Envolve Vision Services) 1-888-756-8768

Dental Care 1-800-516-0165

Behavioral Health 1-800-783-5386

Member Advocate 1-800-783-5386

You can also expect to receive a call from Texas Health Steps. Texas Health Steps provides case management and can help you with any questions you have as you navigate through the health care system.