"Tell your children 'you are precious, you are valuable, and nobody else is created like you.'"
-- Dr. Karyn Purvis

Foster Family Resources

Asking for Practical Help

Foster care is a journey that takes a community but tends to drive people toward isolation. It can feel awkward to ask for help but it will make all the difference. Practice saying ‘yes’ when people offer to help and be specific with your request.


Here are some practical things you can ask from your community when they offer to help.



Ask someone to set up a Care Calendar of meals for the first month of placement



Buying groceries can get much more complicated when you add a new child into the mix. Have a friend go to the grocery store for you.



Have certified babysitters! This is so important. Ask your friends and family to support you by becoming babysitter certified.


Run Errands

So your to-do list is full, give something off your list to a friend to do for you.


Bring Supplies

Need diapers or school supplies or sheets or fill-in-the-blank quick and in a hurry? Have a friend go to the store for you.


House Work

Laundry, mowing the yard, dishes, don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Prayer/ Emotional Support

It’s important to have those people in your life you can rely on when things are hard. Lean in to your community for support.