We believe that with more resources, more community, more support, foster families can become more sustainable, leading to less children left waiting.

How We Help

You want to focus on the child. You don’t want to have to worry about "when am I going to go to HEB to get diapers?"

-- Alicia Feldman

Fostering is an all-encompassing endeavor that takes time, emotion, and energy. Austin Foster Closet works with a small set of families at a time to deepen our impact on each family and form long term supportive connection.​

Emergency Placement Packages​

Emergency Placements happen when children need to be placed in a foster home quickly, leaving little to no notice for the foster parents. These packages are specifically designed based on the child's age and contain such basic necessities as formula, diapers, bottles, wipes, school supplies, pajamas, blankets, and more.

Care Packages​

During a placement a Care Package can be requested. Unlike Emergency Care Packages, these are not pre-made and can be created with the needs of a specific family in mind. 


Many foster families become so focused on supporting and caring for the children in their homes, they often neglect to reach out for assistance. We take special care to reach out to our families on a regular basis through personal connection in the form of written letters, emails, and self-care promoting gift-cards.


It takes a village. Fostering demands the support of a community. Austin Foster Closet is working to develop resources and connect families to promote sustainability in foster homes.