"Tell your children 'you are precious, you are valuable, and nobody else is created like you.'"
-- Dr. Karyn Purvis

Foster Family Resources



6505 Airport Boulevard

Suite 101-C

Austin, TX 78752

Phone: 512.597.7191

Fax: 512.597.7192

CCMS is a program through Workforce Solutions that can provide childcare help for foster parents if both foster parents are working full time. Talk to your CPS case worker about whether or not you can qualify. If you do, they will ask you to choose a child care facility and send them the information on that facility. This can be tricky as many places have waitlists. Once a child care facility has agreed to enroll your child in an open spot, you will contact your CPS case worker and let them know. Be aware that this process can take a few weeks.


Once enrolled you will be assigned a case manager. That case manager can help you answer questions about the process. You will be sent a card that you will have to swipe each day at the child care facility that will track your child’s attendance.


For a full list of child care facilities that accept CCMS, click the button at the top of this page.