Although many have answered the call to foster, the number of children in care continues to grow and outnumbers available foster homes

About Us

From One Foster Family. . .

Austin Foster Closet sprouted from the challenges that Lyndee & Chris McKinley faced when they first became foster parents. “The difference between having the support we have now, and the lack of support at the beginning, is staggering.” Lyndee goes on to say that if it were not for people stepping in and stepping up in their life, they would not still be fostering. “We simply could not sustain having our home open without support.” Having experienced both extremes has put the McKinleys in a unique position to advocate for the needs of foster families.

. . .To Another

Alicia Feldman is a local foster mom and a member of Austin Foster Closet. In her interview with KVUE News she talks about the struggles of fostering and why it is so important to have resources and support throughout the foster care journey. Austin Foster Closet is helping foster families throughout Austin by walking alongside them as they welcome kids into their hearts and homes. 

Many foster parents are willing to accept a wide range of ages for new placements, but being fully prepared at all times for every age group is not always a possibility. Given that foster parents often have mere hours to prepare before an emergency placement takes place, even the most well-prepared families can find themselves short on diapers, formula, clothing, or other vital necessities.